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The WeatherTight™ system will be superseded from September 2022 to the Tasman35™ system.

Our beloved Weathertight™ system will be no longer available from September 2022. For joinery required after this date, please click the link to have a look at our new Tasman35™ system.

The WeatherTight™ system provides for almost every possible window and door configuration based on a 35mm frame glazing platform width and is capable of accommodating glazing thicknesses of 4mm to 24mm. The range includes high performance products such as Euroslider™ and innovative products such as the Foldback™ Bifold door, which folds back 180 degrees to flush with the external cladding.

The Weathertight™ system is also used for light commercial applications. It is a competitive option over the 40mm Commercial Window system with the inclusion of a drained condensation channel, potential to use box mullions when necessary, and the wide range of configurations and products possible whilst maintaining structural and weather performance.

Weathertight Euroslider™ & Eurostacker™ Doors

The WeatherTight™ range of Sliding and Stacking doors open up a whole new world of design options. The double glazed panels can be up to 2.4 metres high – that’s much larger than other residential sliders on the market, making it ideal for exposed locations. The external sliding panels and heavy duty anodised track allows for smooth, easy opening and closing. There’s no sagging or jamming even with the largest panels. The 36mm door panels accommodate up to 24mm double glazing for improved insulation - so you can remain comfortable all year round.

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