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The SovereignSeries™ Architectural system has been designed to provide residential and commercial solutions for homes, baches, apartments and commercial buildings. SovereignSeries™ is a high performance residential system which exceeds the performance levels of standard residential product through clever design including more substantial frame, sash and mullion profiles.

The key objectives of our SovereignSeries design are to:

  1. Provide an architectural product that is adaptable to different styles of homes by providing flexibility and choice for the Architects and Designers on how the product integrates into the structure of the home.
  2. To design an attractive architectural range meeting current and future requirements for high performance products.
  3. Contemporary external flat faced styling suited to modern architecture.
  4. Concealed fixing of windows and doors with no requirement for timber reveals – although these are an optional choice should they be preferred.
  5. Attractive low profile and flush sill threshold details on all doors (except open-in hinged door).
  6. Flush sash window design with multipoint locking and raised cover plate providing a square commercial style as optional.
  7. Clever Foldback Bifold (Inline) Door which folds back against the exterior cladding.

On all SovereignSeries™ frames there is the choice of 0mm, 25mm,or 35mm flange options

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