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HighbrookLouvre's offer partial or full screening of building facades

Today’s buildings are designed with consideration for environmental, functional and occupational features. The resulting designs often have requirements for partial or full screening of building facades.


  • Protection from the sun, rain and wind
  • Increased privacy
  • Enhances visual building design

IMPROVED PROTECTION FROM THE ELEMENTS the HighbrookLouvre™ can contribute toward the energy efficient building design, acting as sunshades in exposed environments. They can add to the buildings protection as a partial rain screen and provide shelter by deflecting strong winds.

INCREASED PRIVACY Louvres can provide privacy for inside and outside spaces helping to enhance the building design. They offer an effective means of integration or separation of interior and exterior spaces.

STYLE AND FUNCTIONALITY the HighbrookLouvre™ enhances the appearance of commercial and residential exteriors. Strong vertical, horizontal, or sloped profiles can be achieved simply with coverage of selected building areas or mass use of louvres to support desired functional and aesthetic benefits.

FLEXIBLE DESIGN Louvres are available in multiple rectangular and aerofoil configuration options and utilises an innovative mounting system to achieve the desired style and functionality. Choose from a wide range of powder coated wood grain finish and standard anodised colours.


  • Aerofoil and rectangular design options
  • Multiple sizing options
  • Use in vertical and horizontal applications
  • Suited to commercial and residential projects.

As seen on The Block NZ 2021

2021 was a tough year to get through and hats off to the teams of The Block.

We are excited to have helped with their every window & door needs. And their Stellar Doors™ entrance doors and Highbrook Louvre Systems. Bring on 2022!!

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