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For healthy homes


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The AllSeasons™ system is a residential aluminium joinery range that has a thermal break built into the design. In essence the thermal break reduces the thermal transference of cold or heat through the frame. This in turn reduces the energy required to heat or cool a home.

With AllSeasons™ pour and debridge, a channel designed into the extrusion is filled with a resin, then milled to create a break.

AllSeasons™ differs from other thermally broken products available in New Zealand in that it is made using the 'Pour & Debridge' manufacturing method. This method involves the filling of a channel designed into the extrusion with a resin, then the milling out of the back of the channel to create a 5mm break in the aluminium.

This method has a number differences to the "Polyamide Strip' method (which involves joining 2 extrusions together using a 10mm+ polyamide strip crimped to each of the frames) which is the alternative system offered in New Zealand.

Put simply, a thermal break extends the benefits of double-glazing to the frames of your windows and doors. Just as double-glazing prevents warmth or coldness escaping through the glass, the thermal break does the same for your joinery.


AllSeasons™ offers:

  • A home that's warmer in winter and cooler in summer
  • A more comfortable, healthier environment
  • Reduced condensation
  • Energy savings
  • Improved weather tightness
  • Structural Strength
  • Thermal Performance
  • Significant energy savings
  • Can me manufactured with the Altus Window Systems Proprietary Connection systems (patented)
  • Increases your home’s R value by over 100% on standard double glazing
  • Easier to maintain the optimal ‘healthy home’ temperature
  • Unique AllSeasons™ system can produce larger windows and doors than alternative systems
  • Attractive, modern square profile
  • Suits up to extra high wind zones

According to health experts, the ideal temperature for a healthy home is around 18 degrees celsius. Making your home thermally efficient – by choosing the right building products - is the key to achieving this. You’ll find it easier to heat or cool your home to this optimal temperature.

We’ve called our joinery range ‘AllSeasons™’ because it helps to keep your home more comfortable, any time of the year.

Year-round comfort

In winter, it helps to prevent the coldness coming inside – or the warmth escaping - via your windows
and doors. It works the same way in summer, by keeping the air cooler inside. So, whatever the weather is doing outside, you’ll find it easier to set just the right temperature indoors.

Reduce condensation

Even with double-glazing, condensation can still form on joinery and edges of the glass if there’s no thermal break. With AllSeasons™, you’ll have maximum protection against condensation, for a drier and healthier home.

Energy savings

The R value is the measure of how well a product insulates. By combining your standard clear double glazing with AllSeasons™ aluminium framing, you’ll increase your windows R value by 35%. (This increases to 108% if your double-glazing has Low-E and Argon gas).

Larger frames

Our framing is built to suit larger windows and doors, making it the ideal product for creating superb indoor-outdoor flow.

AllSeasons™ can be used for windows and doors of larger configurations (e.g doors of up to 2.6m).

Stylish square profile

AllSeasons™ framing has a sleek square profile, not rounded, to suit modern architectural aesthetics.

Ideal for any climate

AllSeasons™ is strong enough for all climatic conditions, including “extra high” wind zones.

Up to 30mm IGUs

Our frames can accommodate widths of IGU (Insulated Glazing Unit) up to 30mm.

  • Included both Double Glazing and Triple Glazing

Built Smarter

Most home-owners are concerned about weather protection, and want to know their new home will have protection for a lifetime.

When you choose AllSeasons™ aluminium joinery, you’re also choosing peace of mind.

That’s because AllSeasons™ is manufactured with the Altus Window Systems patented connection systems – designed to provide a more secure, more weathertight frame.

Features unique to Altus Window Systems include joints that are stronger and tighter, which prevents water entering the joinery. Controlled drainage paths also direct water away from your home. Our patented connection system doesn’t require us to drill holes in frames which maintains the integrity of the joinery.

AllSeasons™ range includes

Technical Info

Structural strength

Structural integrity allows a product to maintain its original performance throughout its life. This is particularly important in extreme climatic conditions, such as very high or extra high winds.

Shear resistance measures the product’s ability to maintain its composite structure when force is applied. AllSeasons™ has three times the shear strength of polyamide products. It also has a high elongation (65%), which reflects structural strength through its ability to bend without breaking.

As this table shows, AllSeasons™ has strength implications when compared to other polyamide products in its ability to maintain the composite structure.

Thermal Performance

R Value is the value of thermal resistance of a building element. The higher the value, the greater the insulation properties.

This table shows the increases in R Value gained by combining AllSeasons™ joinery with different glazing options, compared to a standard aluminium frame in a typical NZ environment


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