Design Objectives

The WeatherTight™ range has been designed to provide an affordable solution for residential joinery and addresses many of the inherent design flaws associated with older joinery that contributed to leaking buildings.

The WeatherTight™ range provides for almost every possible window and door configuration based on a 35mm frame glazing platform width and is capable of accommodating glazing thicknessess of 4mm to 24mm. The range includes high performance products such as UrbanSlider™ and innovative products such as the WeatherTight™ Inline Bifold door, which folds back externally to 180 degrees.

The WeatherTight™ range is also used for light commercial applications. It is a competitive option over the 40mm Commercial Window suite with the inclusion of a drained condensation channel, potential to use box mullions when necessary, and the wide range of configurations and products possible whilst maintaining structural and weather performance.

Crimped Corner Connection System

Frames for awning and casement windows and hinged doors are designed to be crimped together in a counter directional way without penetrating the glazing platform. This draws the extrusion together to create tight joints, which with modern sealants significantly reduce the likelihood of leaks.

Sealant is then injected to seal off the frame protecting the liner. The corner connector used in this process also acts as frame support for the mitred joint. It provides controlled drainage paths for condensation, channels errant water at the head, and any water picked up through joint failure, safely directing water to the outside of the building envelope. 

The resulting product has:

 Crimped Corner

Transom and Mullion Connection System

The patented mullion / transom and interlocker connection design removes the need to drill holes through the frame to secure the connection. This eliminates the possibility of frames leaking from this junction point.

The result is:




WeatherTight™ Drainage

The WeatherTight™ range has been designed to mitigate risk in the areas most prone to leaks. This is achieved by the use of:  

WeatherTight™ windows are designed with a strong focus on frame and panel drainage and a novel approach to eliminating potential problems. This approach includes using patented jointing technologies such as crimped corners and a transom connection system in many products.  
An additional feature is the way “specials” are joined, these are windows (faceted, bay, box) that are particularly prone to potential leaking at bottom frame joints. The unique soaker-jointer design cleverly provides a combination of strength at the joint and drainage in the event of any joint failure should that occur.        





Torsional Corner Blocks

Torsional corner blocks have been incorporated into door panels and stile junctions to make doors stronger while at the same time keeping them light and easy to use.  
Torsional corner blocks operate by adding strength to joints. This enables doors to withstand the torsional forces that can affect their performance over time with wear and use.