Design Objectives

Shopfront 75mm and 100mm is designed to provide a commercial solution for Retail and Commercial frontages, Shopping Malls and interior use in Office and commercial buildings.

Shopfront is designed for single level canopy and shopping mall protected environments where high winds and high water pressures are not expected (Frontline 100mm provides a better commercial weather proof solution).

The key objectives of the design were to:

These objectives are met through key design features in Shopfront 75mm and 100mm which include:

Additionally Shopfront 100mm provides for:

The modular mullion system eliminates the need for bulky coupling when long runs of windows are required whilst meeting thermal/expansion requirements needed in many situations.

The 75mm and 100mm suites were designed as square profiled solutions with the flexibility to integrate awning windows and Commercial doors when necessary.


A wide range of Shopfront styles can be achieved using multiple combinations of doors and windows compatible with these versatile suites. In some instances these require project specific testing. If you require advice on suitable solutions please contact your local Bradnam's branch for advice or the Altus Technical team.

Frame Types 75mm


Frame Types 100mm


Integrating Windows and Doors



Custom flashings are normally required for commercial installations. These are available from your Bradnam's branch.



In addition to the usual range of window and door hardware alternatives are also available allowing many specialist designs to be created or meeting specialist requirements for fire exit egress, locks or panic bolts– refer to your local Bradnam's branch for advice.