Design Objectives

The SovereignSeries™ Architectural range has been designed to provide residential and commercial solutions for homes, baches, apartments and commercial buildings. SovereignSeries™ is a high performance residential suite which exceeds the performance levels of standard residential product through clever design including more substantial frame, sash and mullion profiles.

The key objectives of the design were to:

Key Features


The SovereignSeries™ range is also used in commercial applications being favoured over 75mm or 100mm Shopfront and 40mm Commercial Window in situations where the application requires a higher performance specification and/or where a high number of sashes are required.

SovereignSeries™ integrates into our 100mm Commercial Door system providing a solution for commercial shopfronts and a wide variety of other low rise commercial situations including street frontages, in malls, education facilities, public buildings and amenities.