Choosing the right handles and locks can make all the difference – not only in the overall look of your windows and doors, but also in terms of functionality and security.

With the Lucerne Architectural Hardware Series, you’ll find the style that is in perfect harmony with the unique design of your windows and doors. The range includes D Pull Handles, Levers for Hinged Doors, Lockbodies, Bifold Handles, Flush Pull Handles, Sash Handles and Escutcheons.

All of the components are constructed from stainless steel (316) for a timeless, sophisticated appearance. The sleek profile has user comfort in mind – an important factor when you consider how often you open or close your windows and doors.

Creativity and innovation are the driving factors behind our window and door hardware. The Lucerne range has been born out of that commitment, providing you with a fresh solution that will help you create the lifestyle you want.

Lucerne Hardware - Bifold handle  Lucerne Hardware - Hinge door handle

Bifold Handle  Hinged Door Lever

Lucerne Hardware - D Pull handle   Lucerne Hardware - Flush Pull handle

D Pull Handle  Flush Pull Handle

Lucerne Hardware - Sash handle with lock  Lucerne Hardware - Sash handle without lock

Locking Sash Handle   Sash Handle