Selecting the right glass...

Glass plays a unique and important role in building design and the environment. It affects design, appearance, thermal performance and occupant comfort. The selection of the right glass is a crucial component of the design process.

By identifying key issues at the design stage, glass products can be selected to match your specific application.

The following selection guide is courtesy of Metro Glasstech.

Architectural Glass Selection:

This selection guide uses key design criteria to assist in the selection of glass. First, consider the key points in each step. Steps may conflict, so next, arrange them into an order of priority using the glass selection flow chart. Finally, select the appropriate glass combination.

Step 1: Heat Loss

Step 1: Heat Loss - Select the insulation you require to reduce heat loss.

Step 2: Comfort & Condensation

Step 2: Comfort & Condensation - Select the insulation to help reduce condensation.

Step 3: Heat Gain

Step 3: Heat Gain - Select the shading coefficient you require to reduce heat gain.

Step 4: Glare

Step 4: Glare - Select the light transmission you require to reduce glare.

Step 5: Fading

Step 5: Fading - Select the UV elimination you require to reduce fading.

Step 6: Acoustics

Step 6: Acoustics - Select the sound reduction you require to reduce noise.

Step 7: Safety

Step 7: Safety - Select the glass type you require for safety.

Step 8: Aesthetics

Step 8: Aesthetics - Select the colour for the required look.

Step 9: Glass/Unit Size

Step 9: Glass/Unit size - Select the maximum glass size for the glass type.