Flashings are available in a wide range of powder coated or anodised colour finishes. A standard 15° slope applies to our flashing range. The range includes 11 sizes: 84mm, 71mm, 63mm, 58mm, 53mm, 48mm, 41mm, 38mm, 31mm, 25mm, and 14mm. These flashings meet the design requirements that support the NZ Building Code Clause E2/AS1 Amendment 5 and those of the WANZ WIS alternative solution. These head flashings have a 65mm upstand making them compliant for windows up to and including Very High.

Flashing profiles can be viewed in the profiles section of WeatherTight™ awning windows.

Commercial and custom made flashings are made where the windzone exceeds Very High and site specific solutions are required. Special flashings, including curved, can be made to order. Contact your nearest Bradnam's branch for more information.

Sill Flashings (trays)

Sill trays are a requirement in New Zealand Building Code clause E2/AS1 for direct fix residential construction. End caps or upturns must also be used with sill trays to close off the jamb ends ensuring effectiveness.

Alternative water proofing provisions can alleviate the use of sill trays in some cases. Generally, commercial joinery requires the use of standard or custom sill flashings. In many cases these are extruded to fit with the suite system. Your fabricator or installer will normally supply these on a case by case basis.

Support Bars 

WANZ sill bars offer 6 variations which are compliant to Evaluation Method 6 as requested by E2/AS1 Amendment 5:

Please view the PDF titled WANZ Support Bars Document to the right for guidelines on the use of support bars.