Comm Doors Table

Design Objectives

Commercial Doors offer a range of design styles to suit many applications. This established range has proven performance and offers countless design options. The door stiles are available in, narrow or wide stile options for robust commercial applications. In some cases residential applications also call for commercial door product.

Commercial Doors have been designed to provide solutions for a wide range of public and private commercial buildings including:

The doors can be manufactured in a range of configurations including:

Integration and Configuration

Commercial doors fully integrate with Commercial 40mm windows, Shopfront 75mm and 100mm and Frontline 100mm and 150mm (single and double glazed). Commercial doors can also be used when required as panels in WeatherTight™ and SovereignSeries™ hinged door frames.

A wide range of configurations are possible using a variety of stiles, rails and glazing bead options.

Glazing Options

Glazing options to the doors include 4mm to 10mm in single glazing.
Double glazing can be accommodated from 18mm to 24mm thickness.

Sliding and Stacking Doors

Sliding aluminium framed doors and frameless doors can be incorporated with both automatic and manual options. A wide range of configurations are possible including stacking doors involving multiple panels.

Framed sliding doors will accommodate single glazed safety glass up to 10mm in thickness and double glazing up to 24mm thickness.

Bifold Doors

The Bifold Door frame integrates with the Shopfront 100mm or Frontline 100mm suites to provide a bifold open out option.

Pivot Doors

Panels can be used in conjunction with concealed overhead closers as well as heavy duty floor springs. It is necessary that 100mm Shopfront or 100mm / 150mm Frontline is used, for concealment of overhead closers within the overhead transom. Hardware available enables pivot doors to be open in, open out, double action all with a selection of control, like either non hold open or hold open at 90 degrees or 105 degrees. Closers come in a range of strengths to suit door sizes, exposure to wind and the nature of use, all of which must be taken into account when selecting the closer.

Hinged and French Doors

Hinged and French door configurations are compatible with Shopfront and Frontline and can be coupled to Commercial Windows when required. A range of surface mounted door closers are available to provide control on door operation, including non hold-open, hold open, standard arm, parallel arm, etc. Closers come in a range of strengths to suit door sizes, exposure to wind and the nature of use, all of which must be taken into account when selecting the closer.


A wide range of Commercial Door styles can be achieved via the extrusion designs Altus have available and in some instances these may require project specific testing. If you require advice on capability or suitable solutions please contact your local Bradnam's branch for advice or the Altus Technical Team.


Project flashings are normally required for commercial installations. These are available from your local Bradnam's branch.


The narrow locking stiles can accommodate locks with a backset as small as 23mm and up to 40mm in the wide stiles.

Alternatively electronic locks can be fitted for security and/or electro magnetic hold open devices can be used to allow doors to close automatically in the event of smoke or fire.

In addition to the usual range of window and door hardware alternatives are also available allowing many specialist designs to be created – refer to your local Bradnam's branch for advice. Please refer to hardware section.