Design Tips for Joinery Selection

Before you get started some considerations...

Consider your lifestyle and the way you live. Consider the position of the sun - in the morning, midday and in the afternoon. Windows and doors make a major contribution to the design style of your home. Your requirements for light can vary from room to room. Think about the way you use each room, as these factors will influence your decision.

Awning and Casement Windows

  • Go traditional or look at different configurations to make a feature of your awning windows
  • Group them together for even greater visual impact
  • Both awning and casement windows are better suited to areas where outside foot traffic is light

Sliding Windows

  • Sliding windows are the safe option for areas where children play or where foot traffic is heavy - like patios, side paths and balconies

Bifold Windows

  • Bifold windows give you greater open space. Use them to give your kitchen or living area a cafe feel


  • Use sidelights and overlights to add light and a sense of space
  • Large double and dark coloured doors emphasise strength and security

French and Hinged Doors

  • Looking to reflect the classic styles of Europe? Use french doors for living areas and master bedrooms that open onto patios and balconies
  • Matching interior handles are also available in a range of styles

Bifold Doors

  • An uneven number of panels will enhance the visual flair. Include a hinged door to provide quick, easy access
  • Bifold Doors shouldn't be used in areas with excessive wind, it is much better to specify a Sliding Door in such circumstances

Sliders and Stacking Doors

  • Use Sliders and Stacking Doors for decks and patios. Including awning windows allows you to still enjoy a gentle breeze when the weather turns wet
  • For added safety and convenience when designing in Sliding Doors, ensure rebated sill details are specified to ensure thresholds are reduced to a minimum
  • Windows above Sliding and Stacking Doors can be used to create additional ventilation and light